Medicaid is a federal health program that provides funding for health services to eligible residents of American Samoa.  Enacted in 1965, Medicaid provides the Federal matching funds available to states/territories for the cost they incurred in paying health care providers for delivering covered services to eligible individuals. State/Territory participation is voluntary, and American Samoa has participated since 1984. Medicaid operates as an assistance program and does not require financial contribution from the recipients.

The State Medicaid Agency under the Office of the Governor is committed in becoming an effective and efficient agency that administers the Medicaid Program in American Samoa to achieve its mission.

The State Medicaid Agency is funded by both the Federal and the American Samoa Government.


It is the mission of the Medicaid Program to assure that federal Medicaid funds are utilized in a manner which provides the greater possible benefits for the Medicaid population in the Territory and to do so in a manner consistent with the federal guidelines.

In order to carry out this mission, the Medicaid Program’s Goals are:

  • Quality Care: Provide quality care through arrangements with the providers (LBJ and Department of Health) to the Medicaid population.
  • Availability of Federal Funds: Maintain availability of federal funds through compliance with federal guidelines.
  • Internal Controls: Develop and implement policies and procedures for effective and efficient management of the program.
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Encourage programs that promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases.